IDF soldier who killed Jerusalem terror attack hero is indicted

Victim’s father: ‘I don’t care if he was wearing a uniform or not. He behaved criminally. He has to pay a high price.’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

The IDF soldier who shot and killed Yuval Castleman who shot two terrorists in the attack in Jerusalem on November 30 has been arrested after a military police investigation.

After terrorists open-fired close to a Givat Shaul bus station in an attack that killed three and wounded four people, an IDF soldier reportedly mistook Castleman, who was armed and neutralized the attackers, as one of the terrorists.

According to witnesses, before being shot, Castleman kneeled on the ground and yelled, “Look at my identity card, I’m a Jew!”

The IDF soldier who shot Castleman has been arrested and was not simply given a warning reportedly because of certain disparities between his initial testimony and statements he made during the subsequent investigation.

A statement from the soldier’s attorneys, Col. (resp.) Shlomi Tzfouri and Col. (resp.) Ran Cohen Rochberger, the former chief military defense attorney, said, “The incident in which Yuval was killed is a terrible and shocking tragedy.”

“The soldier was interrogated for hours tonight at the Military Intelligence Center. He gave a detailed testimony, answered everything that was asked, expressed his consent to be tested in a polygraph.”

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The statement continued, “He expressed his deep sorrow for the death of the late Yuval and asked to convey his sincere condolences to the grieving family.”

The lawyers said they would prove that, given the angle and perspective of the soldier, there was no way he could have distinguished Castleman from one of the terrorists.

“From where the fighter stood, from the sights he saw and the sounds he heard, the fighter was convinced with all his heart that he was firing at a terrorist who threatened his life and the life of everyone around him.”

Yesterday, the father of Yuval Castleman demanded the indictment of the IDF soldier, and said in a 103FM interview, “This must end with an indictment against the person who shot him.”

The father continued, “I don’t care right now if he was wearing a uniform or not. He behaved criminally. He has to pay a high price.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated his commitment to ensure a full inquiry into the incident.

“Yuval Doron Castleman is a hero of Israel. In a supreme act of bravery, Yuval saved many lives. However, unfortunately, a terrible tragedy occurred there – and the man who had saved other was killed. There must be a thorough inquiry.”