IDF strikes back at Hamas after more rockets and explosive balloons land in Israel

“Three rockets were just fired from Gaza into Israel. That’s 13 launches fired from Gaza at Israeli civilians over the last week,” said the IDF.

By World Israel News Staff 

Following another round of rocket attacks and the launching of booby-trapped balloons from the Gaza Strip into Israel, the Israel Air Force fired back early Wednesday morning by striking Hamas terror targets, according to the Israeli military spokesperson’s unit.

“Over the past day, several projectiles and explosive balloons were launched from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory,” said the IDF. “In response, a short while ago, IDF fighter jets targeted Hamas terror targets in the southern Gaza Strip,” the early morning statement continued.

Shortly after midnight, the Israeli military tweeted that “three rockets were just fired from Gaza into Israel. That’s 13 launches fired from Gaza at Israeli civilians over the last week.”

The rockets landed in open areas, according to media reports. Two people were lightly hurt while running to a shelter, though residents and psychologists have stressed that beyond bodily injuries, the constant air attacks have caused serious emotional harm to many who live in the area.

In the Israeli retaliatory strike, “a weapons manufacturing site used by the Hamas terror organization was targeted,” said the IDF, adding that hitting the target “impedes the Hamas terror organization’s future abilities.”

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The explosive balloon launches from Gaza into Israel have been rampant in recent weeks.

“At least 14 explosives-laden balloons have invaded our region today (and the day’s not over yet),” Adele Raemer, a resident of a kibbutz located near the border posted on Facebook during the latter part of Tuesday afternoon.

On Monday, she posted that “according to my sources, today the record has been broken since the balloon terror has been renewed: more than 80 balloon bouquets have been launched across the border.”

In its latest statements, the IDF reiterated the longstanding Israeli position that regardless of who dispatches the projectiles,”the Hamas terror organization is responsible for events transpiring in the Gaza Strip and emanating from it, and will bear the consequences for its actions against Israeli civilians.”

Hamas overthrew the Palestinian Authority in Gaza in 2007.

The Israeli military vowed to “continue operating as necessary against attempts to harm Israeli civilians.”