IDF strikes Hamas after terrorists fire at troops, launch arson balloons

Palestinians terrorists set fire to tires, detonate makeshift bombs, and launch arson balloons. 

By World Israel News Staff

In response to violent, daily riots along the Gaza border, the IDF initiated an airstrike targeting a Hamas position on Saturday.

During Saturday’s riot, Palestinians fired at the direction of IDF soldiers.

The IDF employed a drone to execute the strike on the Hamas post, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

Rioters also engaged in other terror-related activities such as tire-burning, hurling improvised explosive devices, and directing gunfire toward Israeli forces stationed along the border.

Video footage revealed terrorists deploying balloons equipped with incendiary devices toward the border.

In retaliation, the military implemented riot control measures, resorting to live fire in certain scenarios. Previous incidents, including one on Friday, necessitated IDF intervention in Gaza, following the ignition of three fires in southern Israel by incendiary devices transported via balloons over the border.

The ongoing conflict has seen a surge in near-daily border riots in recent weeks, with the IDF conducting drone strikes on two Hamas observation posts in the Gaza Strip. These strikes were a direct response to the persistent release of arson balloons and widespread rioting. The military identified the launch sites of the balloons in the vicinity of the targeted posts.

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The Hamas-run health ministry claimed that 26 Palestinians sustained injuries due to Israeli gunfire in Friday’s riot. Seven Palestinians have been killed, but only one was fatally shot by Israeli forces. The rest died mishandling an improvised explosive device intended to blow up the border wall.