IDF strikes Hamas post after terrorists blast fence with explosive

Israeli security forces carried out an air strike on a Hamas position in the southern Gaza Strip on Monday in response to terrorists who detonated an explosive device near the fence.

By: World Israel News Staff

The IDF struck a Hamas post in the southern Gaza Strip on Monday afternoon as Hamas intensified its campaign of violent rioting along the border with Israel.

Israeli forces carried out the air strike after two terrorists planted an explosive device near the security barrier, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

The device exploded on the Gaza side of the border, causing significant damage to the fence, TPS reported. The explosion caused no casualties.

The bombing occurred as part of the violent riots Hamas has led on Israel’s border since the end of March. Palestinians who join the riots attack soldiers with Molotov cocktails, firearms, and grenades.

Another key feature of the riots are attempts to infiltrate Israel, ostensibly to attack soldiers and civilians on the Israeli side of the border. Infiltration attempts generally involve a combination of Hamas operatives and civilians, with the terror group making widespread use of human shields, some of whom are minors.

Palestinians’ weapon of choice during the riots has remained airborne incendiary devices, which they have used to spark fires that have burned thousands of acres of Israeli farmland and nature preserves.