IDF strikes Hamas weapons facility in Gaza in response to rocket fire

Israel holds the terrorist group responsible for all attacks emanating from Gaza, says the IDF.


The Israel Defense Forces struck Hamas assets in the Gaza Strip overnight Sunday in response to a rocket launched at the Jewish state the previous day.

Fighter jets targeted an underground rocket manufacturing site belonging to Hamas, constituting a blow to the Palestinian terrorist group’s ability to fortify and arm itself, the IDF said in a statement.

Israel holds Hamas responsible for all attacks emanating from Gaza, said the IDF.

During the Israeli strike, Palestinian terrorists fired four surface-to-air rockets at the jets, causing alarms to sound in the Israeli city of Sderot and in surrounding areas along the border, including Kibbutz Ruhama.

The IDF said that three of the rockets exploded mid-air and one landed in an open field.

No injuries or damage were reported.

In response, Israeli tanks struck additional Hamas positions in Gaza.

On Saturday night, Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system intercepted a rocket fired at the Western Negev by terrorists in Gaza. Sirens sounded in Kibbutz Nahal Oz, along the Gaza-Israel border, said the IDF.

No injuries or damage were reported.

The Iron Dome also downed a rocket fired from Gaza on Feb. 1.

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In late January, terrorists in the coastal enclave launched a barrage of rockets at Israeli communities, prompting retaliatory strikes against Hamas military assets.