IDF tank foils attempt by Gaza terrorists to infiltrate Israel

An IDF tank fired at a group of terrorists who tried unsuccessfully to enter Israel from the southern Gaza Strip early Thursday morning. 

By: World Israel News Staff

An Israeli tank fired at two terrorists from Gaza who attempted to breach the border fence in the pre-dawn hours of Thursday, the Israel Defense Forces said.

“Overnight, IDF troops identified two terrorists who were crawling towards the security fence in an attempt to cross it from the southern Gaza Strip into Israel,” the IDF spokesman said.

“In response, the troops fired towards them using an IDF tank and thwarted the attempted infiltration. Firebombs were identified at the scene.”

Several firebombs were found adjacent to the scene afterwards when IDF troops searched.
Two Palestinians were injured by the tank shelling according to various Palestinian media sources.
There was another infiltration attempt by three Gazan terrorists who sabotoged the border fence that separates Gaza from Israel. This one was in the southern part of the strip.
Still another infiltration attempt, the third, was attempted on Wednesday in the afternoon, this time in the northern area of the strip, east of Jabaliya, the IDF said.
“IDF troops spotted a number of suspects trying to cross the fence in the northern Gaza Strip. The soldiers fired shots toward them,” the army said.

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“As a result one of the suspects was injured and has been taken for medical treatment, and will then be handed over for questioning,” an IDF spokesperson said.

The Palestinian injured by the Israeli shooting was said to be a 15-year-old who was in serious condition, Palestinian media sources said.
There were pictures from the area where the shooting took place of IDF soldiers hoisting an injured person from the Gaza part of the security fence.
Hamas has fired over a dozen rockets and mortar shells at Israel this week.