IDF tanks face off against Lebanese soldiers armed with rocket-propelled grenades

In an incident described as “unusual,” Israel tanks and Lebanese soldiers turned their weapons on one another.

By World Israel News Staff

IDF tankists and Lebanese soldiers armed with rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launchers aimed their weapons at each other in a face-off on the Israel-Lebanese border on Tuesday in an event described as “unusual” by Israel’s Channel 12.

What makes the incident outside of the ordinary was the fact that the Lebanese soldiers were carrying weapons. Their presence in the area is routine, but they are typically unarmed. The IDF normally operates in the area as well.

The two IDF tanks involved in the incident had crossed a border fence, Channel 11 reports. They were still  in Israeli territory, however, despite being on the border line.

The northern border has been the site of several incidents recently.

Earlier Tuesday, the IDF reported spotting three suspects who crossed the Blue Line from Lebanon. IDF troops were present at the scene and monitored the suspects who were apprehended during their attempt to cross the security fence.

The incident does not appear to be an attempted terror attack.

Also on Tuesday, the IDF returned a man who had crossed into Israeli territory from Lebanon after treating him for gunshot wounds when IDF soldiers opened fire. He was released after it was determined he had not been a terrorist.

The event occurred on May 17, during routine IDF activity on Mount Dov, when IDF troops spotted the suspect who crossed the Blue Line from Lebanon into Israeli territory.

In mid-April, Israel reported that the terror group Hezbollah had carried out “provocative” activity along the Israel-Lebanon border, having made multiple attempts to breach the border on the night of April 17.

Israel has warned Lebanon that it will be held responsible for any Hezbollah attacks on Israeli territory. Hezbollah is a major player in Lebanese politics.

Lebanon is currently embroiled in an economic crisis that has sparked widespread protests.