IDF transferred terrorist to hospital while still armed with grenades

Doctors at Barzilai hospital were surprised to find grenades on a wounded Gaza terrorist Wednesday after he was handed over for treatment by the IDF.

By: World Israel News Staff

A Palestinian terrorist who was shot Wednesday while trying to infiltrate the border fence separating Gaza from Israel was handed over to doctors while he still had grenades in his pockets.

He was evacuated from the scene by the IDF to receive medical treatment. The soldiers apparently did not check whether the terrorist was armed.

“When the wounded individual was transferred from the IDF stretcher to the hospital bed, we saw two suspicious bulges in his pockets,” Dr. Eitan Zeidan told Udi David Ben David of Radio Darom, a local station in the south. The story was reported by Hakol Hayehudi news site.

“It was not clear what [those bulges were] at that moment so I asked the nurse to cut the pants. I saw two metal objects that looked very suspicious. They looked like explosives or grenades. At that point we evacuated the room and we called in a police sapper to deal with it.”