IDF investigating overnight incidents, Palestinians report 1 dead

On Wednesday morning, the IDF said it would investigate an incident in Kfar Tammun where Palestinians report one dead from Israeli fire. 

By TPS and World Israel News

Palestinians report one killed on Tuesday night during a violent clash in Kfar Tammun, a town located eight miles northeast of Nablus. The Israeli Defense Forces said it would investigate.

Footage of the incident in Kfar Tammun. The IDF is investigating.

The IDF clarified that an earlier report that its soldiers came under fire at around 9:30 pm, near Halhoul, some five kilometers north of Hebron, was incorrect.

The report from Tuesday evening said that two Palestinian cars coming from the direction of Halhoul had approached a checkpoint. One drove through the checkpoint and opened fire on the soldiers.

The report further stated that forces returned fire and arrested two suspects from the second car.

The IDF said Wednesday that it will investigate what did in fact happen.

Tensions are high in Judea and Samaria. On Monday, a terrorist was shot and killed after trying to stab an IDF soldier near the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

A week earlier, on Oct. 15, a Palestinian was shot and killed during a stabbing attempt in Samaria. Earlier that day Israeli Supreme Court Justice David Mintz narrowly escaped a carjacking by three armed Arabs within the same time-frame.