Idiots against Israel: these student protesters misspelled ‘Palestine’

The footage containing the spelling error appeared in a music video released Monday by the rapper Macklemore expressing solidarity with anti-Israel protesters.

By Andrew Stiles, Washington Free Beacon

Student protesters at the University of Ottawa in Canada, a minor country best known for bordering the United States, misspelled the word “Palestine” while attempting to protest the existence of Israel.

Drone footage captured the phrase “Free Palastine [sic]” spray-painted on the steps of Tabaret Hall, the University of Ottawa’s largest building and site of the president’s office. The building is described as a “scent free zone” in which students are prohibited from wearing “perfume, cologne, aftershave, and other fragrance.”

The footage containing the spelling error appeared in a music video released Monday by the white rapper Macklemore. The song, “Hind’s Hall,” expresses solidarity with the anti-Israel protesters, as well as the Hamas terrorists whose eradication the protesters vehemently oppose.

“White supremacy is finally on blast / Screamin’ ‘Free Palestine’ ’til they’re home at last (Woo),” Macklemore raps in the video. “The blood is on your hands, Biden, we can see it all / And fuck no, I’m not votin’ for you in the fall (Woo).”

It was hardly the first time these anti-Israel college protesters have been exposed as idiots. Last month, a pair of students at New York University (annual tuition: $63,000) had the following exchange with a citizen journalist when asked why they were protesting:

Interviewer: What would you say is the main goal with tonight’s protest?

Student 1: I think the goal is just showing our support for Palestine and demanding that NYU stop—I honestly don’t know all of what NYU is doing.

Interviewer: Is there something that NYU is doing?

Student 1: I really don’t know. I’m pretty sure they’re—do you know what NYU is doing?

Student 2: About what?

Student 1: About Israel. Why are we protesting here?

Student 2: I wish I was more educated.

Indeed, we all do.