If Russia invades, ‘Israel will get caught in the crossfires,’ says senior Ukrainian official

Everything from bread supply, construction and Israel’s hi-tech industry could be impacted if tensions continue to rise.

By World Israel News Staff

Israel will get caught in the crossfires if there’s an escalation between Ukraine and Russia, according to Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzhaparova.

After meeting with Foreign Minister Yair Lapid on Sunday, Dzhaparova explained how Israel will be affected if Russia moves forward with an invasion and Ukraine ceases its exports to Israel, The Jerusalem Post reported.

For starters, Ukraine supplies half of Israel’s grain supply. “Cut your bread supply in half to understand how Israel will be affected,” she said.

Israel’s infrastructure and construction industry would be greatly impacted, as Israel imports a large amount of metal from Ukraine, Dzhaparova continued.

Also, Israel has outsourced many hi-tech jobs to Ukraine, meaning that an income source for thousands of Ukrainians would be cut off. This would also adversely affect Israeli companies.

Today’s warning comes on the heels of yesterday’s warning by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid to Jews in the Ukraine to leave the country immediately.

A senior Israeli official said that should Ukrainian Jews want to take refuge in Israel but not obtain citizenship, it would be permitted, “as Israel was established in order to be a safe haven for Jews.”

“We know that the second the first gun is fired – we’re going to be in a whole different ball game – and many more will be interested,” the official said.

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Pointing out that Ukraine has a “very strong Jewish community,” Dzhaparova asked Israel to demonstrate support for Ukraine in her plea that Israel join her side, the Post said.

“The first is political solidarity with my country, explaining why this aggression cannot be allowed,” she said.

“The second is economic sanctions…. In case Russia crosses the red lines, what will happen with regards to a deterrence mechanism?”

The third and most relevant to Israel is security cooperation with Ukraine.

“We believe that a secure Ukraine is a secure Europe and a secure region,” she said.

Israel, however, has been maintaining a delicate balancing act as it works to preserve its good relationship with both Russia and Ukraine.