IDF confirms captured female soldier was murdered by Hamas inside hospital, not an airstike

Although Noa Marciano was injured during the bombardment, her wounds were not fatal, and a pathology report proves she was killed by her captors. 

By World Israel News Staff

IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari announced on Sunday that the captured soldier, Corporal Noa Marciano wasn’t killed in an airstrike, as Hamas alleged, but was murdered by a Hamas terrorists inside Shifa hospital.

According to a thorough pathology report and intelligence information, Noa did sustain a non-fatal injury during the IDF bombardment but was moved from her original spot, taken to the hospital, and killed by terrorists.

Hagari reported, “Noa was kidnapped and kept in an apartment next to Shifa Hospital. During the IDF strikes in Gaza, a Hamas terrorist who was guarding her, was killed.”

Following this, Marciano was brought into Shifa Hospital, and according to forensic evidence, was murdered by her Hamas captors.

Last week, before her body was discovered,  Hamas released a video from October 11th showing Noa Marciano speaking to the camera and stating the name of her parents and birthplace. She also can be heard on the video saying that the “bombing isn’t helping.”

The IDF condemned the video as “psychological terrorism” and it wasn’t publicized in news outlets. After Marciano spoke, the video then cut to more recent footage of what appeared to be her lifeless body.

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On the next day, the IDF confirmed that Marciano was killed.

Noa Marciano had been assigned to the IDF’s Nachal Oz base and served in the Combat Intelligence Corps 414 unit, which was entrusted with lookout duty close to the border with Gaza.

When terrorists invaded Nachal Oz on October 7th, Noa Marciano, along with some 240 other Israelis, was taken captive by Hamas.

Hamas attempted to blame the death of Marciano on the IDF bombardment and has said they will free hostages if the bombardment stops.

Netanyahu has remained firm on the resolution that he will agree to a ceasefire only if all hostages are returned safely.