Incendiary terror kites land near Ben Gurion airport, residents in uproar

Incendiary aerial devices are used by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists against Israel.

By Aaron Sull, World Israel News

Three kites with incendiary devices landed in Lod, a city just five kilometers away from Ben Gurion Airport, reported Israel Hayom on Monday.

“Specifically now, during the coronavirus outbreak, we are seeing a significant escalation of security issues affecting residents in the city,” Netanel Isaac, Lod’s Deputy Mayor told Israel Hayom.

“Explosives are exploding, the property is being destroyed, the muezzin (the cleric appointed at a mosque to lead and recite the call to prayer) can be heard at high decibels, and now there have been incendiary kites five kilometers from Ben Gurion Airport,” he said.

According to the report, the city’s residents are growing tired of the police’s failure to take these types of occurrences seriously, with one unnamed policeman telling the news outlet that one of the incendiary kites was just thrown into the garbage by an officer at the scene.

“We support the police and the municipality, but at the same time, we demand an immediate improvement in the sense of personal security and in the enforcement of the law. We will not allow a small number of people to ruin things for an entire city,” Isaac said.

Incendiary aerial devices have long been used by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists against Israel.

To afford resources to defend against Palestinian aerial incendiary devices, the Ministry of Agriculture allocated last month 1.5 million from its 8 million shekel budget for Israeli farmers bordering Gaza.

The funds are meant to compensate farmers close to Gaza who were forced to harvest early, resulting in loss, after incendiary devices burnt thousands of acres of agricultural land in 2018 and 2019.