Intel unveils ‘smartest building in the world’ in Israel

The new building has within it 14,000 sensors to control things like lighting and temperature. 

By Arye Green, TPS 

Intel has unveiled its new development center in Petah Tikvah, which it considers to be the “smartest building in the world.”

The massive 75,000 sq. meter (approx. 800,000 sq. ft.) building will host 2,000 employees from the former Petah Tikvah and Ra’anana campuses.

Intel has invested NIS 650 million ($180 million) into the new campus that has approximately 14,000 sensors installed which facilitate smart lighting and temperature, doubling the standard number for a building of its size. The lighting and window shading will automatically change according to the natural light throughout the day.

Elevators in the building use smart algorithms to learn the travel patterns of elevator users to expect where they are likely to be at any given time, shortening waiting times.

Intel invested heavily in making the new campus more environmentally friendly. The building boasts extremely high energy efficiency, fairing 40 percent better than the industry’s standard. Its water system uses 75 percent less water than other buildings, and 95 percent of the building waste created during construction was recycled.

The parking lot includes 1,200 parking spots which are automatically monitored, following the occupancy and allowing employees to better plan their day with parking availability in mind.

The building will also include a gym, spa center, barber, music and playroom, synagogue and computer lab.