Iran blames Israel for deadly bombings – even after ISIS claims responsibility

Mouthpiece for Iran’s military claims ISIS claimed responsibility for bombings under ‘Zionist guidance.’

By World Israel News Staff

Iran on Wednesday appeared to deny that the Islamic State in Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization was responsible for a pair of bombings in southeastern Iran, despite the group claiming responsibility for the attack.

On Wednesday, two bombs were detonated next to a cemetery in the city of Kerman, Iran, as thousands gathered to mark the fourth anniversary of the assassination of Lt. General Qassem Soleimani, commander the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Quds Force.

While Iran accused Israel of carrying out the bombings, which left roughly 100 dead and close to 300 injured, a member of ISIS claimed via Telegram that the Sunni Muslim terror group was responsible.

Despite this, however, Iran’s Tasnim News Agency, a mouthpiece of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, dismissed the claim, claiming the Islamic terror group had made the claim under “Zionist guidance.”

“A few hours after the implementation of the operation, the Zionist regime ordered the ISIS caliphate to accept the responsibility for this action.”

A Tasnim report analyzing the language used in the ISIS statement argued that the Telegram message attributed to ISIS used different terminology to refer to Iran than is normally used by the Sunni terror group.

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“The delayed ISIS statement claiming responsibility for the Kerman terrorist incident was orchestrated by the intelligence service of the Zionist regime, and ISIS merely disseminated it through its official channels.”