Iran guards who died over weekend were arming Hezbollah – report

The deaths are the latest in a string of mysterious killings in the Islamic Republic.

By World Israel News Staff

Two Iranian Revolutionary Guard aerospace officers who died on Sunday were involved in weapons development for Iran’s proxy terror group Hezbollah, a report said on Tuesday, adding that contrary to the statements made by Islamic Republic officials, the two did not die in accidents.

Citing an unidentified source, the London-based opposition outlet Iran International said that Ali Kamani and Mohammad Abdous were air force engineer officers who worked on “building and developing weapons for Hezbollah in Lebanon.”

They died in separate incidents in different locations, the source said, but gave no details as to how they died.

The regime-affiliated Fars and Tasnim news agencies cited Iran’s Central Province Corps as saying Kamani had died in a “traffic accident,” while Abdous was killed “during a mission.”

The Iranian Ministry of Defense described the two airforce engineers as “martyrs” who died while on duty – without further elaboration.

The news comes amid a spate of mysterious deaths of Iranian officials over the past month.

Iran suspects that Israel poisoned scientists Ayoob Entezari and Kamran Aghamolaei, the New York Times reported Monday, citing Iranian government sources.

After his death, exiled Iranian journalists published photos of Entezari, who worked on developing missiles and drones, showing former president Hassan Rouhani around his place of work at Ghadir Industrial Turbines Company (GITCO) in 2019.

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Last month also saw the killing of Hassan Sayyad Khodaei, the deputy commander of a shadowy unit in the IRGC Quds unit, for which Iran blamed Israel.

Khodaei’s colleague in Unit 840, the unit in charge of terrorist operations against Israeli and Western targets overseas, was also killed shortly thereafter. Iran International charged that the IRGC had eliminated Esmailzadeh  after he provided intelligence leading to the Khodaei’s assassination.

State-affiliated outlets alleged that he had fallen from his roof, either by accident or by suicide. The IRGC did not issue any statement following his death, and his funeral took place under a media blackout in his home province of Hamedan rather than in Tehran, marking a departure of protocol for an officer of his rank.

Also last month, engineer Ehsan Ghad Beigi was “martyred” in Iran’s Parchin military complex, the defense ministry said, providing no explanation.