Iran holds massive naval drill

Iran’s navy flexed its muscles with a large military drill in the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran’s navy held a massive annual drill in three locations on Sunday.

The wargames, codenamed Velayat 95, included the deployment Special Forces and marine commandos.

The first major military exercise since the inauguration of US President Donald Trump, it will continue until Wednesday.

The Iranian marine commandos and special naval forces had trained in confronting “possible enemy aggression” on Iran’s coast and used “state-of-the-art weapons and equipment” during the exercise, Iran’s Fars news reported.

During the drill, Iran unveiled and test-fired its anti-ship ‘Dehlaviyeh’ missiles.

Similarly, the Iranian Navy fired the latest version of its home-made coast-to-sea cruise missile, Nasir, on the second day of the wargames.

The US Navy’s 5th Fleet, based in Bahrain, declined to comment on the exercise or to discuss if it had any plans to monitor the drill.

Nearly a third of all oil traded by sea passes through the strategic Strait of Hormuz, and it has been the scene of previous confrontations between the US and Iran.

Last Monday, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps’ (IRGC) Ground Force staged a three-day massive drill with the participation of artillery, air defense, drone, infantry and air force units in Iran’s central desert and in the eastern parts of the country.

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By: World Israel News Staff