Iranian Daily Calls to Assassinate Israeli Prime Minister’s Sons

An Iranian daily is calling for the assassination of PM Netanyahu’s sons in retaliation for an IDF attack on Hezbollah terrorists and an Iranian general last week.

Shaul Olmert tregetd as seen on  Mashregh News. (Source: Mashregh News)

Shaul Olmert targeted. (Source: Mashregh News)

An Iranian daily has published a list of targets it believes should be attacked in retaliation for the reported Israeli attack on a convoy carrying Hezbollah terrorists and an Iranian general in the Golan Heights last week.

The newspaper, Mashregh News, which is affiliated with the country’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), lists Yair and Avner Netanyahu, the sons of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as Shaul Olmert, son of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and Gilad and Omri Sharon, sons of late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, as targets for a reprisal attack.

The piece offers a brief profile on each of the “targets,” focusing on the relationship between Yair Netanyahu and Sandra Leikanger, a Norwegian girl. The daily believes that assassinating these men would properly avenge the death of the terror cell, which reportedly was in the advanced stages of planning a series of attacks on Israel and subsequently eliminated in an IAF air strike.

Iran, Hezbollah Continue to Threaten Israel

Hezbollah, Syria and Iranian officials and military figures have repeatedly threatened Israel following the attack, warning of devastating attacks and “destructive thunderbolts.”

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The latest threat came from Brigadier General Hossein Salami, lieutenant commander in the IRGC, who warned that the Israeli attack will certainly get a “crushing response.”

Salami said that the attack would come from Judea and Samaria, and not from Lebanon. “In addition to the reopening of the West Bank [front], as a move done especially in retaliation for the incident, we will surely take revenge for the attack with a specific move,” Salami said in an interview with the Iran-based, Arabic-language al-Alam news channel on Saturday.

Israel Remains on High Alert

IDF soldiers on the northen border. (Photo: Barak Chen/IDF Spokesperson Unit)

IDF soldiers on the northen border. (Photo: Barak Chen/IDF Spokesperson Unit)

Israel remains on high alert, expecting an attack by Hezbollah or Iranian-backed contingencies.

IDF forces on the border were alerted Monday night after some suspicious movement was detected on the northern border, near the Galilee. The IDF initially feared an infiltration attempt, but the all-clear was sounded after about half an hour.

In an unusual and unprecedented move, the IDF began deploying cement barriers on the border with Lebanon, apparently in case of cross-border shooting attacks.

Schools have also canceled planned field trips to the north because of the security-related tensions.

Israel has reportedly conveyed messages to Iran and Hezbollah via Russia, stating it is not looking to further escalate the situation.

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Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon warned Friday that Israel will not tolerate any attack on its borders or against Jewish or Israeli targets around the world, saying: “We must be prepared for any attempt to challenge us in light of calls heard on the other side. We must continue to keep calm, be patient and know how to respond in the most suitable manner, which will clarify to all who try to harm us that we will not tolerate provocations from any area.”

By: Atara Beck, World Israel News