Iranian plot to bomb Israeli embassy in East Africa thwarted by Western intelligence

The U.S. and UAE embassies were also scouted out as potential targets, the report said.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

An Iranian plan to attack an Israeli embassy in East Africa was thwarted last month, reported Kan News on Monday evening.

According to Western intelligence sources who spoke to Kan, Tehran sent Iranian agents, some of whom also hold European citizenship, to an unnamed East African country to scope out the Israeli embassy for a potential attack.

The U.S. embassy and the United Arab Emirates embassy in the same country were also scouted out as potential targets, the report said. The report calls to mind the 1998 bombings in front of the U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Tanzania that were directly linked to Al Qaeda.

After a tip-off from Western intelligence, a number of the Iranian agents were arrested by local security officials. Other agents were arrested outside of the African country.

Tehran was allegedly planning the attack as an act of retaliation after the assassinations of Iranian senior military official Qassem Soleimani and Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fahrizadeh.

The report of the foiled bombing attempt comes after an explosion last Friday in front of Israel’s embassy in New Delhi. No injuries were reported.

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A note found at the scene called Israeli ambassador to India Ron Dermer a “Zionist devil” and referenced the deaths of Soleimani and Fahrizadeh.

“All the participants and partners of Israeli terrorist ideology will no longer exist. Now get ready for a big[ger] and better revenge of our heroes,” the note read.

Indian media reported that investigators suspect Iran is behind the attack in New Delhi.

“Deliberate efforts have been made to [hide] the real perpetrators behind the terror incident with false flags and deniability built into the attack that obviously was carried out at the behest of Iran,” a senior security official told the Hindustan Times.

Another official said, “New Delhi has taken the heinous attack against Israel very seriously and its position is that India cannot be used by any other country to target its perceived enemies.

“Once we have concrete evidence, we will take up the matter in very serious terms with the country behind the attack,” the official said.