Iran’s new army chief: Israel won’t exist in 25 years

Iran’s top general repeated the Islamic Republic’s persistent threat that Israel will be annihilated in the next 25 years.  

Israel will not exist past the year 2040, Iran’s newly instated Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi predicted.

Iran’s Tasnim News Agency reported that Mousavi made the remarks at a cultural event in the city of Qom on Thursday evening. The display was set up in Tehran’s Palestine Square, and local media reported that more than one million people participated in the anti-Israel demonstration. President Hassan Rouhani and Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani were among the officials present.

Mousavi stated that “acts of devotion by martyrs like Mohsen Hojaji” will bring about Israel’s demise in the coming 25 years.

Hojaji was a member of the Iranian advisory support team in Syria who was taken captive by the Islamic State (ISIS) group near the Iraqi border earlier this month and beheaded two days later.

Mousavi further described Iran as “a symbol of resistance against the global hegemony,” saying the world was afraid of engaging Iran militarily.

“A country might decide to wage a war against Iran, but it should be mindful that Iran will be deciding how to end it and will shape the result of that war,” Iran’s top commander warned.

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Iran’s Repeated Threat

Israel downfall caused by Iran in the coming 25 years is a reoccurring theme in Iranian rhetoric.

In June, Iran unveiled a digital clock in Tehran’s center counting down the days to what it says will be the destruction of Israel in 2040.

The event took place as part of the annual al-Quds Day celebration, during which millions of Iranians marched under the banner, “Death to Israel, Death to America.”

The timeframe appears to stem from comments made in 2015 by Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who vowed there will be “nothing” left of Israel by the year 2040.

In September 2015, Khamenei proclaimed, “You [Israelis] will not see the coming 25 years and, God willing, there will not be something named the Zionist regime in next 25 years.”

He later tweeted in broken English that Israel “will not see next 25 years; God willing, there will be nothing as Zionist regime by next 25 years. Secondly, until then, struggling, heroic and jihadi morale will leave no moment of serenity for Zionists.”

Khamenei calls for Israel’s destruction on an almost-weekly basis.

Iran staunchly supports terrorist groups seeking to annihilate the State of Israel, including Hamas and Hezbollah, and has been working vigorously to establish its own military presence on Israel’s northern border in Syria.

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By: World Israel News Staff