Iranian president: Nixing nuclear deal would be ‘historic regret for the US’

Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal would be “a historic regret for the US,” threatened the Iranian president.

By: World Israel News Staff

President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear would result in “a historic regret for the US,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claimed.

“The US cannot do anything serious against Iran,” Rouhani stated on Sunday, charging that the US “has always caused trouble for Iran, but has never prevailed. The US will make a mistake again if it quits the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). It will soon see that the mistake will be a historic one.”

He claimed that with the nuclear deal, Iran “wanted to tell the world that Iran was peace-seeking and the sanctions were a mistake, and the world should retreat from the mistake.”

Trump is to decide on May 12 whether to keep the nuclear deal as it is or withdraw from it. He has demanded, at a minimum, amendments to the deal in order to stay in it.

European leaders maintain that the JCPOA should be kept.

Iran has repeatedly claimed that it is not seeking to build an atomic bomb, and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has supposedly issued a Muslim religious ruling (“fatwa”) against it.

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However, a treasure-trove of intelligence obtained by Israel on Iran’s secret Project Amad shows otherwise. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed the material last week, which includes some 100,000 documents detailing Iran’s plans to develop nuclear weapons.