Ireland’s ‘satanic’ non-binary performer cries and rants vulgarities after finishing behind Israel at Eurovision

Kan News journalists described Ireland’s entry as ‘the most scary’ of the night, involving ‘a lot of spells and black magic and dark clothing, Satanic symbols, and voodoo dolls.’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Vocally anti-Israel Bambie Thug flew into a tear-filled rant with vulgarities after placing sixth place behind Israel’s Eden Golan.

During the Eurovision semi-finals, Bambie Thug insisted Israel should be disqualified after Kan News described their act as “Satanic,” because it featured their dancing with a man resembling the devil and writhing on the floor next to lit-up pentagrams.

They said they were waiting to hear back from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) about disciplinary action that may be taken against Israel.

Kan journalists wrote of Ireland’s performance that the song ‘Doomsday Blue’ would be ‘the most scary’ of the night, involving ‘a lot of spells and black magic and dark clothing, Satanic symbols, and voodoo dolls.”

Bambie Thug, who identifies as non-binary witch and uses “they” pronouns, also complained about being asked by Eurovision to remove the words “Saoirse Don Phalistin” which is Irish Gaelic for “Free Palestine” and the word “Ceasefire” from her costume.

They claimed that Kan‘incited violence against me twice, three times.’

During an actual incident of harassment of a female production crew member that led to Netherland’s Joost Klein’s disqualification, some contestants blamed Israel for the incident although no one from the Israel delegation was involved.

Regarding the EBU, Bambie Thug said, “They waited to the last minute, still haven’t gotten a statement back to us, allowed us to be scapegoats, allowed us to be the spokesperson for standing up for ourselves.”

Bambie Thug, who missed their dress rehearsal, seemed to be alluding to another accusation of an incident involving Israel occurring behind the scenes, but refused to provide any details about the ‘situation’ that required ‘urgent attention.’

They added, “And yeah, the broadcaster has disobeyed the rules and I hope they won’t be able to compete next year because of that.”

Bambie Thug added, “And I just want to say we are what the Eurovision is. The EBU is not what the Eurovision is. F**k the EBU. I don’t even care anymore.”