ISIS points to arson attacks in Israel as a model for terrorists

ISIS is pointing to the fires set by terrorists throughout Israel in November as a model way to terrorize an entire nation.

The Islamic State (ISIS) is recommending arson attacks, such as those set throughout Israel in November 2016, as an exemplary way to impose terror on an entire nation.

“The whole world witnessed the devastating fires that ravaged Jewish settlements in Palestine, destroying around 700 Jewish homes,” read an article titled “Just Terror Tactics” in the terrorist organization’s monthly publication, Rumiyah.

“Irrespective of the motive, this deliberate act of destruction demonstrated the lethality [sic] of such an effortless operation,” the article continued. “The attacks likewise demonstrate that with some simple and readily accessible materials (i.e. flammables), one can easily terrorize an entire nation.”

The written piece also provided instructions on how to conduct the most effective arson attacks, including directions for acquiring gasoline and producing Molotov cocktails as well as a recommendation to conduct such attacks during the night.

By: Jonathan Benedek, World Israel News