Islamic Jihad hails Arab coalition member for ‘standing with the Palestinians’

The terror group praised MK Ghanaim for voting against Judea and Samaria bill while the Ra’am party leader was blasted for cozying up to “fascists.”

By World Israel News Staff

A senior member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad praised rebel coalition MK Mazen Ghanaim (Ra’am party) for “standing with his people.”

The terror group also condemned the Islamist party leader, Mansour Abbas, for remaining in the “fascist occupation government.”

Along with Meretz lawmaker Ghaida Rinawie-Zoabi, Ghanaim recently opposed renewing a decades-old emergency bill extending the application of Israeli civil and criminal law in Judea and Samaria in what was seen as a major blow to the teetering coalition.

“We appreciate the positions of Mazen Ghanaim and call on him to continue to stand with his people,” Khader Habib said, according to Israel Hayom.

“Mazen Ghanaim sided with the Palestinian cause and his people, and he knows the Zionist enemy is a liar and cannot provide anything to the Palestinian Arab public that lives in Israel,” he said.

Abbas, “whose fate is tied to that of his people in Palestine that the Zionist enemy wants to dissolve, stuns us with his insistence on remaining in the occupation government, the most radical of occupation and fascist governments.

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“Mansour Abbas is a partner to the criminal attack on Jerusalem,” he added.

“The current government continues to perpetrate crimes against the Palestinian people everywhere and acts with a firm hand to harm Jerusalem and drive us out of Jerusalem. The significance of Abbas’ insistence on remaining in the government is his direct participation in the war alongside the Zionist enemy for Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestinians everywhere,” Habib said.

He charged Abbas with being “desperate to defend Zionist criminals” and called on Ghanaim and other “Palestinians who reside in Israel not to believe the false desires and promises of the occupation government.”

Ghanaim has been under pressure to resign his seat in the coalition but has said he has no plans to acquiesce.