Islamic Jihad shows off new missiles that can strike Netanya

The terrorist group boasts of abilities to hit beyond the north-central city of Netanya in a video aired on Iranian television.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

Gaza-based Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) showed off its newest missile facilities on Iranian television Sunday, claiming that their supply of rockets for use against Israel is more accurate and has better range than ever before.

“Our rocket force and missile units will surprise the enemy following any foolish act it may do in the future,” a masked PIJ spokesman says in the documentary. “Stupid acts against the Gaza Strip and its inhabitants will turn into hell [directed] at the occupied cities and villages, Inshallah [God willing].”

This seemed to be a reference to the IDF’s defensive response to the violent mass rioting that has gone on for some 11 months at the Gaza border. Using riot-dispersal methods and live fire when their lives are in danger, Israeli troops have been dealing with rock and bomb-throwing as well as attempted infiltrations into Israel in what Hamas has labeled “peaceful demonstrations.”

The group boasted that with the aid of Iran, its engineers have managed to do better than merely replacing the missiles that Israel had destroyed in airstrikes and previous rounds of fighting. Now the terror group has the ability to strike Tel Aviv, Netanya “and even further,” with precision missiles, it threatened.

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PIJ said that “proof” of their abilities was provided “in the last round, with the rocket to Ashkelon.” In the video, they called their projectile the “Hell of Ashkelon.”

Last November, a Palestinian man was killed and two women seriously injured when a rocket launched from the Gaza Strip hit an apartment building in the coastal city. This was during a 36-hour period in which Hamas and its allies launched hundreds of missiles and rockets at Israel.