Islamic Jihad to Gaza children: Head to roofs to celebrate first Israeli death

Palestinian terrorists have launched more than 800 rockets and mortars at Israel in a 36-hour period.

By World Israel News Staff

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group issued a statement urging children in Gaza to go onto their rooftops at 9 p.m. to celebrate the death of the first Israeli by rocket fire.

Three hours earlier, one person died and at least five were injured when building in Rehovot collapsed after sustaining a direct hit from rocket fire.

Palestinian terrorists launched more than 800 rockets and mortars at Israel in a period of 36 hours, the IDF said.

Missile defense systems intercepted 179 of the 620 rockets that made it over border. 152 fell short in Gaza.

The IDF continued to take out terror targets in Gaza on Thursday evening, including an Islamic Jihad observation post, a mortar launching position and underground rocket launchers.

The airstrikes did not deter the PIJ from encouraging children to head for the roofs.

Senior PIJ leaders who were killed in Israeli raids also gathered their children around them in the hope of using them as human shields.

Watch the video below as the Israel Air Force aborts an airstrike after two children were spotted near the target.