Islamic Jihad unveils homemade Buraq missile, claims it shot one at Israel

Since Tuesday, over 400 rockets have been fired at Israel by terrorists in Gaza.

By World Israel News Staff

Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) unveiled its new homemade Buraq 120 rocket, reports Gaza’s Shehab News Agency.

“We announce the introduction of a new Buraq 120 for the first time for military service, a purely Palestinian jihadist industry,” PIJ said in a statement to the Gazan news agency. “The hands of its fighters in all military units are still on the trigger and operate according to an integrated military system and are at the disposal of the movement’s leadership.”

The terrorist group also claimed that they already shot one of the new missiles at the southern Israeli city of Hadera.

For the past four days, hundreds of rockets have been fired at Israel in response to the murder of PIJ senior commander Baha Abu Al Ata.

The IDF operation to assassinate Baha Abu Al Ata was extremely skillful. reportedly targeting not just the building where Al Ata was staying, but the very room he was in. The Army’s goal was to avoid civilian casualties.

The airstrike had been carried out with a warplane that destroyed only the floor of the building where Abu Al Ata was hiding in order to minimize collateral damage.

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In a press conference on Tuesday, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi told the media that Abu Al Ata “destabilized Israeli security” and “was currently planning additional attacks,” which gave him the classification of a “ticking timebomb.”

Since Tuesday, over 400 rockets have been fired at Israel.

IDF fighter jets and aircraft struck a number of terror targets of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip. Among the sites were a training compound and underground weapons manufacturing and storage sites.

On Thursday at 5:30 a.m. a ceasefire was reported to have been agreed upon. However, PIJ hasn’t been complying to the agreement, as six rockets were fired at Israel on Thursday and four more have been launched on Friday.