ANALYSIS: Europe pours funding into hate-spewing Gaza U

The Islamic University in Gaza that receives European funds recently held a large event that openly embraced anti-Semitism and Jihad terrorism against the Jewish state.

By Daniel Krygier, World Israel News

The Islamic University in Gaza recently hosted the event “Resist with your knowledge and the knife.” It openly encouraged students to embrace lethal Jew-hatred and jihadi terrorism against Israel.

Despite its violent and openly racist agenda, the Islamic University in Gaza enjoys cooperation with and receives funds from several European universities. One of its European partners is the prestigious KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden’s equivalent of America’s MIT or Israel’s Technion.

Hate-Up Nation

Few things happen in Gaza without the blessing of the terror organization Hamas. It should therefore not come as a surprise that Hamas was involved in the recent jihadi event at the Islamic University in Gaza. While Israel has emerged as a leading Start-Up nation of innovation, Hamas has used international aid to turn Gaza into a leading laboratory of lethal hatred and destruction.

Islamist events that openly call for murdering Jews contradict Europe’s official embrace of tolerance and diversity. They constitute a flagrant violation of international law and contradict fundamental values that Europe claims to adhere to. However, this has not prevented Western organizations including European academia from funding violent supremacist jihadi events like the one recently hosted by Gaza’s Islamic University. 

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The European Union and several of its member states have emerged as Israel’s harshest critics. Post-1945 Europe tends to view conflicts through the prism of border negotiations. Since its modern rebirth, Israel has showed a readiness to make territorial compromises for peace. This eventually led to the Camp David Peace Accords between Egypt and Israel as well as a peace agreement with Jordan.

However, it is evidently clear that Gaza’s Islamist rulers oppose Israel’s existence within any borders. Territorial compromises in such a harsh political reality will only strengthen the resolve of those forces that seek the complete destruction of the Jewish state.

The European Union has for years insisted on playing a central role in Arab-Israeli peace negotiations. European officials have for decades insisted that the Palestinian Arabs have no better friends than the European Union. Brussels and its individual member states should act on these words by insisting that European funds are used for progress and peace instead of anti-Semitism and destruction.