Israel behind Natanz nuclear mishap? IDF Chief of Staff says, ‘Our actions are not hidden from enemy eyes’

“We will continue to act with might and with judgment, with determination and responsibility, to ensure the security of the State of Israel,” Kochavi said.

By David Isaac, World Israel News 

On the same day that Iran reported an accident at a nuclear facility, IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi made remarks that some say hint at possible Israeli involvement in the incident.

On Sunday at a pre-Memorial Day ceremony at Mount Herzl national cemetery, Kochavi said, “The Israel Defense Forces’ actions throughout the Middle East are not hidden from our enemies’ eyes. They are watching us, seeing our capabilities and carefully considering their next steps.”

His comments followed on the heels of Iran’s revelation Sunday morning that the Natanz nuclear facility suffered an accident a day after it inaugurated new uranium enrichment centrifuges.

“The cause of the incident is under investigation,” Iran’s PressTV reported.

Kochavi’s comments may have been coincidental but pundits noted how it dovetailed with the incident.

He said, “Thanks to sophisticated operational activity, this past year has been one of the most secure Israel’s citizens have ever known. We will continue to act with might and with judgment, with determination and responsibility, to ensure the security of the state of Israel.”

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The accident at Natanz comes a day after it inaugurated its IR-9 centrifuges, which separate uranium isotopes 50 times faster than Iran’s current centrifuges.

Western analysts say that the incident was an intentional cyberattack. A member of Iran’s parliament has also said that the country suspects there is a “high probability” that it was no accident but a purposeful attack.

In July 2020, Natanz was the site of an explosion at its new centrifuge assembly center. Iran downplayed that incident, initially calling it a fire.

Since January, Iran began enriching uranium up to 20% at its Fordo underground nuclear facility, in violation of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. According to the accords, it can only enrich up to 3.67%.

The latest accident comes the day Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin visits Israel for his first official visit.

Austin met with Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Sunday. Austin didn’t refer to Iran at a press conference following the meeting, but offered reassuring words regarding the U.S.-Israel relationship. “I reaffirmed to Minister Gantz our commitment to Israel is enduring and it is ironclad,” he said.