Israel bombs Hamas targets in response to rocket attack

Israel’s Air Force responded to the terrorist rocket fire form Gaza and stated it would not tolerate any threat to Israel’s citizens. 

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

Israeli Air Force (IAF) aircraft attacked Hamas terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday morning in response to an earlier rocket attack by Gazan terrorists on Israel’s civilian population.

The IAF pounded two targets, one in the central Strip and one in the northern Strip.

“The IDF will not tolerate terrorists opening fire onto Israeli territory and will continue to act severely against any attempt to disturb the peace of communities in the South,” an IDF stated

“Hamas is the address and the responsibility is on it,” it added. The Hamas terror organization rules the Gaza Strip, and therefore is held responsible by Israel for all terror activity emanating from it.

Terrorists in Gaza fired one rocket at Israel on Tuesday evening. The rocket fell short of its target, exploding in an open space, probably within Gaza’s territory, causing no injuries or damage.

No terror organization took responsibility for the attack, but the sharp increase in rocket fire from the Strip over recent months has mostly been the work of an ISIS affiliate operating out of Gaza.

Earlier in the day, a siren went off in southern Israel and an Iron Dome anti-rocket system went in to action and launched an interceptor, supposedly at an incoming rocket form Gaza. It was later determined that it was a false alarm and that the sensitive warning systems detected gun fire emanating for Gaza and mistook it for a rocket attack.

Since the beginning of 2015, terrorists fired some 20 rockets at Israeli targets from Gaza. Several others were launched, albeit unsuccessfully, with some exploding within the Strip.