Israel discontinues mediating Russia-Ukraine conflict

Lapid’s staff confirms Jerusalem no longer brokering ceasefire talks between Moscow and Kyiv.

By World Israel News Staff

Israel’s efforts to mediate between Kyiv and Moscow have ceased, said a member of Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s entourage in Paris, Israel Hayom reported on Thursday.

The official, who was travelling with Lapid stressed while Israel will no longer attempt to broker a Russia-Ukraine ceasefire, the Prime Minister could potentially meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Israel is no longer taking part in the mediation efforts between Russia and Ukraine,” the official was quoted by Israel Hayom as saying.

The official alluded to increased tensions between Israel and Russia, after the Kremlin again castigated Israeli actions in Syria.

“Despite the deep divisions with Russia over the war,” Prime Minister Lapid is prepared to sit down with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Israeli official continued.

Regarding a possible summit with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the official said: “We don’t rule it out for a concrete reason, but as of right now no such meeting is in the works.”

In addition to Israel’s air strikes on Iranian targets in Syria, Jerusalem’s ties with Moscow were further strained when the Kremlin ordered the Jewish Agency for Israel to immediately halt its operations in Russia.

Israeli-Russian ties have deteriorated during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, even as Ukrainian leaders have repeatedly accused Israel of failing to stand with Western nations opposed to the invasion.

Early in the conflict, then-Prime Minister Naftali Bennett attempted to broker a ceasefire.