Israel eases lockdown restrictions; Over 10,000 Israelis infected, 93 deaths

The Health Ministry advised enforcing the severe lockdown regulations throughout the entire Passover holiday. Over 10,000 Israelis tested positive for coronavirus, 93 have passed away.

By Aaron Sull, World Israel News

Following a four-day nationwide lockdown, restrictions were eased somewhat on Friday morning, allowing people to leave their homes for essential services and to travel to other cities for work purposes.

On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a four-day national lockdown in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus.

The national lockdown prevented intercity travel on Tuesday evening and banned citizens from leaving their homes from Wednesday evening until Thursday morning, making sure that people spend the Passover seder evening in their own homes.

Dubbed “Operation Spring Protection,” thousands of police officers, roughly 1,400 unarmed IDF soldiers, helicopters and drones were deployed to enforce the regulations.

The Health Ministry reportedly advised enforcing the severe lockdown regulations throughout the entire eight-day holiday, but others in the government were opposed.

“The sweeping closure of Israel, which was very correct at the beginning, cannot continue to be the main tool over time due to its devastating impact on businesses and jobs in Israel,” Defense Minister Naftali Bennett stated.

“The Health Ministry is rooted in an ideology that does not believe in the centrality of testing, which is a tool for exiting this crisis,” he said.

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Meanwhile, a new restriction will be enforced on Sunday morning, requiring all citizens over the age of six or who have a disability to wear a mask in public.

As of Friday, the number of Israelis infected with coronavirus reached 10,095, of whom 164 are in serious condition, and 93 have died.

Despite the rising numbers, good news came on Wednesday after a five-week-old baby boy infected with coronavirus was reported to be in good condition.