Israel eliminates Hamas terror cell on Gaza border

Israel’s Air Force targeted a Hamas terror cell attempting to place an explosive device on the border with Israel.  

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

An Israel Air Force (IAF) aircraft attacked and eliminated a Hamas terror cell that was operating on the border with Israel Wednesday morning.

According to an IDF announcement, the cell was engaged in the northern Strip in placing an explosive device that would be detonated against IDF soldiers patrolling the area.

Some reports indicate a known Hamas terrorist was killed in the attack.

Hamas announced that the one of the four member cell was killed in the incident, while three others were taken to a hospital in Beit Lahiya for treatment. Saying it was ready for any development, Hamas threatened that “the enemy would bear the consequences.”

The IDF is bracing itself for possible rockets attacks by Gaza terrorists in retaliation for the IAF strike.

The IAF has responded to rocket attacks emanating from Gaza in past months, but a real-time operation against an active terror cell is a unique occurrence.

The last noted Israeli operation on the Gaza border was the killing of a Palestinian sniper by Israeli Special Forces in October.