Israel expresses fear, vows to monitor Iranian violations of nuclear deal

While expressing fears of the new phase in the implementation of the nuclear deal with Iran, Israel vowed to track and warn of any Iranian violations of the deal. 

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News
Gilad Erdan

Minister Gilad Erdan. (Miriam Alster/Flash90)

Israeli officials expressed fears that the world has become a more dangerous after the US and the European Union (EU) lifted sanctions against Iran on Saturday in another step toward fully implementing the controversial nuclear accord, and vowed to closely monitor and expose any violations of the deal by Iran.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who campaigned vigorously against the agreement, warned that Iran has not given up its nuclear ambitions, and his office urged world powers to respond harshly to any violations of the deal by Iran.

“The major powers and the IAEA must closely monitor activity at Iran’s nuclear installations and other sites in order to verify that it is not continuing to develop nuclear weapons in secret. Unless there is an appropriate response to each violation, Iran will understand that it can continue to develop nuclear weapons, undermine regional stability and spread terrorism,” the statement read.

Without that, “Iran will think it can continue to develop a nuclear weapon, destabilize the region and spread terror,” the statement said.

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Member of Knesset Yair Lapid accused the international community of strengthening Iran by lifting the sanctions, while Iran still “threatens the existence of Israel, denies the Holocaust, destabilizes the Middle East, subjugates its own people and supports terror across the globe.”

“Israel and the entire region is watching with concern and dismay as the Iran deal is implemented and money flows into Iran, money which will inevitably flow to terrorists. The lifting of sanctions strengths Hezbollah [Iran backed terro organization], it strengthens Assad [in Syria], it strengthens terrorists across the region who benefit from Iranian support,” he said in a statement.

“As the situation in the Middle East becomes increasingly unstable, this is the worst possible time to infuse terrorists with money and resources. There is no sense that Iran is moderating in any way – they continue to hang gay people, arrest journalists, discriminate against women and suppress other religions. Iran stands against human rights, democracy and liberal values,” he pointed out.

Minister of Strategic Affairs Gilad Erdan said Israel and the region had entered “a new and dangerous phase.”

“Israel will continue to monitor and demand from the international community not to turn a blind eye to Iran’s violations, to ensure that we are not surprised like in North Korea’s case.”

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North Korea signed a similar accord regarding its nuclear program and has since developed nuclear weapons, as the world stood by and watched.

Director General of the Ministry of Intelligence and the Ministry of Strategic Affairs Ram Ben Barak said that Iran was only postponing its nuclear weapons development program, but its aspirations to do so have not diminished.

“The Iranians are elated, and for a good reason,” he said in an interview to Israel’s IDF Radio on Sunday. “They have been successful in wrapping the entire world around their small finger.”

He said Israel and the Arab Gulf countries are very worried. “It is clear to everyone that this time-out is only momentary. The moment they [the Iranians] decide they are getting back into business [nuclear development] they can do it from today to tomorrow” with no need for further development time.”