Israel, Hamas reach deal to free 87 captives – report

Israel, the US, and Hamas have reached agreement for 5-day ceasefire and partial prisoner exchange, with 87 captives to be freed in exchange for terrorists jailed in Israel.

By David Rosenberg, World Israel News

Israel and Hamas have reached a tentative agreement for a prisoner swap and limited ceasefire, according to a report by The Washington Post Sunday morning.

According to the Post, which cited officials familiar with the deal, a six-page memorandum outlining the contours for a ceasefire deal and prisoner exchange has secured the backing of Israel, Hamas, and the Biden administration.

The deal is expected to go into effect within the next few days, though both Jerusalem and Washington have not confirmed the report.

Under the proposed deal, Israel would release an as of yet undisclosed number of teenage terrorists and female terrorists currently being in Israeli jails.

In return, Hamas will free 87 captives, including 40 Israeli women, 13 Israeli children, and 35 foreign nationals.

The prisoner exchange is slated to take place during the course of a five-day ceasefire, with captives being freed in small groups every 24 hours.

Airborne surveillance will be used to monitor Gaza to ensure the ceasefire is maintained, the report continued.

Israel has also reportedly agreed to allow more humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip during the ceasefire.

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The Netanyahu government is under growing pressure at home to secure the release of the nearly 240 captives being held by terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

Thousands rallied in Tel Aviv last Sunday to demand the government ensure the captives’ safe return.

Over the weekend, demonstrators gathered at sites across the country, with some marching on the capital, calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to agree to a prisoner exchange.

At least 245 captives were taken from southwestern Israel to the Gaza Strip during Hamas’ October 7th invasion.

At least one hostage, IDF soldier Noa Marciano, was killed while in captivity, while four others were release.  One captive, Ori Megidish, an IDF soldier, was rescued by Israeli security forces.