Israel-Hamas war named CNN’s top story for the New Year

CNN predicts Israel-Hamas war will continue to be the top news story well into 2024.

By Susan Tawil, World Israel News

As the New Year rings in 2024, news outlets, music platforms, blog sites, and all types of business and trade are wont to announce their “top ten” lists of the previous year.

In a similar sendup, news giant CNN put out its ranking of “top news stories to cover” for the upcoming year. The “Swords of Iron” war in Israel had the dubious distinction of the number one slot.

The war began with the early morning October 7th surprise terrorist attack on Israeli civilians by thousands of Hamas terrorists who invaded an outdoor music festival and Jewish communities surrounding the Gaza Strip.

The IDF (Israel Defense Force) is fighting in Gaza in retaliation for the Arabs’ sadistic slaughter of over 1,200 Israelis.

From babies to the elderly, the unsuspecting Israelis were tortured, raped, mutilated, and burnt alive in unspeakable acts of barbarity.

Thousands more were wounded, and 240 or so hostages were abducted, the majority of whom are still presumed to be held in Gaza.

On the CNN list of other top stories, the now three-year old Russian-Ukraine war ranks #2.

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News topic #3 is “Elections”—the contentious upcoming Presidential elections in the US, as well as pivotal 2024 elections slated for Russia, India, Taiwan, and South Africa.

CNN’s top news story #4 is the geopolitical vying for power between the US-EU bloc and the Russia-China-Iran-North Korea group of Western-nation antagonists.

The fifth-ranking story pulled up on the CNN list is the controversial rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), along with questions regarding its applications, ethics, and regulations.

Not making the list were significant topics of interest like: Iran’s nuclear development; inflation and the economy; race relations, the IDE (Inclusion, Diversity, Equality) controversy, anti-Semitism, and unchecked immigration issues in the US; crime and corruption; the Chinese COVID conspiracy; and where to get Taylor Swift tickets.