Israel must ensure ‘accountability’ against ‘extremist settler violence,’ says Biden admin

U.S. State Department equates deaths of terrorists and civilians, slams potential expansion of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

By World Israel News Staff

The State Department condemned vandalism and clashes in a Palestinian Authority-controlled town following the murder of four Israelis outside of a nearby Jewish community, emphasizing that the Biden administration expects the Israeli government to prosecute Israelis who burned cars and damaged property in the village.

“Accountability and justice should be pursued with equal rigor in all cases of extremist violence, and we welcome the IDF’s condemnation of these acts and expect the Israeli Government to ensure full accountability and legal prosecution for those responsible for these attacks, in addition to compensation for lost homes and property,” said Deputy State Department Spokesman Vedant Patel in a press briefing on Wednesday afternoon.

While Patel briefly mentioned the terror attack against Jewish civilians in Eli that triggered the vandalism in the Palestinian town, his statements were mainly focused on criticizing Israel for plans to potentially expand Jewish construction in the area.

Patel reiterated the Biden administration’s opposition to the expansion and growth of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, after a reporter asked about approval for 1,000 new homes in Eli following the deadly terror attack on the outskirts of the town.

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“We’ve been very clear about this, that unilateral actions such as this one, such as settlement advancement, will only incite tensions and undermine the prospect of a two-state solution,” he said.

Patel repeated the cycle of violence narrative, in which he did not distinguish between the deaths of armed Palestinians engaged in firefights with Israeli troops, and unarmed Israeli civilians who were slain in terror attacks.

“We have condemned the ongoing continuation of violence in Israel and the West Bank in recent weeks that yes, has killed and injured Palestinians and Israelis,” Patel said.

“And this is something that we’re going to continue to work directly with the Palestinian Authority on to promote steps towards de-escalation as well as work closely with our Israeli partners also.