Israel places Syrian dictator in sights with new satellite photos

Israel recently released satellite photos of a number of Syrian locations, including an airfield and the palace of Syrian ruler Bashar Assad.

By: World Israel News Staff

As Israel prepares to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its first orbital spy satellite, the Ofek 1, the Defense Ministry released several current surveillance photos taken by its current fleet of satellites.

Among the images released were a number of sites located deep into Syrian territory, including an image of the palace of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.

Israel’s decision to reveal the image has been interpreted as a warning to the Syrian ruler regarding the IDF’s military capabilities and the Israeli Air Force’s knowledge of the lay of the land.

The other two photos that Israel released depict Syrian tanks on a military base and the Damascus international airport, which Syria claims Israel targeted on Saturday evening.

The Israeli military’s ability to strike Syrian targets, as well as Iranian military assets and personnel within Syria, is no secret, with the Jewish state carrying out hundreds of air strikes since 2017. While Israel generally neither confirms nor denies the strikes initially, it has on a number of occasions subsequently taken responsibility for destroying Syrian and Iranian military facilities and weapons shipments.

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Israel has consistently made it clear that Iranian entrenchment in Syrian territory is a red line it will not countenance, resorting to both military and diplomatic responses to the Islamic Republic’s use of the Syrian civil war as cover for its regional expansionism and attempts to carve out a Shiite corridor in the Middle East.