Israel to build thousands of homes in eastern Jerusalem, ending contruction freeze

New construction plans in Jerusalem contradict an earlier report suggesting an ongoing freeze on building in eastern portions of the capital. 

A long-held construction freeze of Jewish homes in Jerusalem neighborhoods located in areas captured from Jordan during the Six-Day War in 1967 appears to have dissipated, according to a Ha’aretz report.

City planning committees are in preparations to authorize approximately 2000 new units in such neighborhoods.

The plans contradict a report, rejected by the Prime Minister’s Office, on Israel Army Radio some two weeks ago that claimed the Israeli government was abiding by a construction freeze in the Israeli capital.

Four buildings will be constructed in the largely Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, located north of the Old City, one of which will be a new building for the Ohr Somayach Yeshiva (a religious seminary).

In northeastern Jerusalem, Pisgat Ze’ev is expected to see 944 new housing units approved this week. One hundred sixteen additional homes in the neighborhood will be considered in two weeks, as well as 214 units in the next-door neighborhood of Neveh Yaakov, 200 units in Ramot (located in northwestern Jerusalem), and 800 in the southern neighborhood of Gilo.

Earlier this year, Jerusalem’s municipality moved forward with a plan to build 566 new Jewish homes in Jerusalem that was put on hold until after Obama’s presidency.

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“After eight difficult years of Obama, we are continuing to build in Jerusalem,” remarked Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat at the time. “I hope that the era of government delays as a result of political pressures has ended and that we will we able to have a big building boom in order to strengthen the sovereignty over a united Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.”

By: World Israel News Staff