Israel rearrests radical Islamic cleric for incitement

A radical Islamic leader was rearrested for incitement not long after being released from prison.

Sheikh Raed Salah, leader of the illegal Northern Wing of the Islamic Movement in Israel, was arrested by Israeli security forces on Tuesday on charges of incitement.

Salah is suspected of preaching incitement in front of crowds and in the media and of spreading the ideology of the banned Islamic Movement.

The arrest comes some seven months after Salah was released from prison after completing a nine-month term. He was incarcerated after found guilty of incitement to violence and racism against Jews. After sentencing, he vowed to carry on with his fight “for Palestine and Jerusalem.”

During his prison term, Salah was questioned twice for allegedly continuing his incitement and for supporting the Northern Wing of the Islamic Movement, which was outlawed by Israel in 2015.

The Islamic Movement in Israel, which has ideological ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, has been pinpointed by Israeli leaders as the main source of incitement behind the recent wave of Palestinian terror.

Salah was previously imprisoned for funneling money to Hamas, the Islamic terror group that rules the Gaza Strip.

By: World Israel News Staff