Israel refuses to provide weapons of any kind to Ukraine

Israel’s Defense Minister meets with European Union ambassadors, says Israel will continue to offer humanitarian aid to Ukraine – but no weapons, adding Israel could build Ukraine an early warning system.

By World Israel News Staff

Israel will not provide Ukraine with weapons of any kind, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said on Wednesday, rebuffing efforts by the European Union to press Jerusalem to change its position on arms transfers to Kyiv.

Gantz addressed journalists shortly after a meeting with ambassadors representing a number of European Union member states in Israel.

The meeting was hosted by EU Ambassador to Israel Dimiter Tzantchev.

During the meeting, Gantz emphasized that that Israel’s position on weapons sales to Ukraine has not changed under Prime Minister Yair Lapid, and that while Israel will continue to offer humanitarian aid to Kyiv, no weapons will be transferred.

“Israel supports and stands with Ukraine, NATO and the West – this is something we have said in the past and repeat today. Israel has a policy of supporting Ukraine via humanitarian aid, and the delivery of life-saving defensive equipment,” Gantz said.

“I plan to review and approve an additional package, as we have delivered in the past. This being said, I would like to emphasize that Israel will not deliver weapon systems to Ukraine due to a variety of operational considerations. We will continue to support Ukraine within our limitations, as we have done in the past.”

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While Gantz ruled out any weapons transfers to Ukraine, he suggested Israel could help Kyiv develop an early warning system to help protect civilians from Russian strikes.

“We have sent a request to the Ukrainians to share information about their needs for air defense alerts. Once we gain this information, we will be able to assist in the development of a life-saving civilian early-warning system.”

Gantz blasted the use of Iranian-made drone aircraft against Ukraine, and noted Tehran’s denials regarding the sale of such aircraft.

“We are following Iran’s involvement in the war in Ukraine. We see that Iran provides UAVs and in the near future may also provide additional advanced systems. The Iranians lie methodically about selling this equipment.”

“This kind of [Iranian] involvement also takes place in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and additional places and this continues.”

“Of course, Iran also lies about the nuclear program. They continue their activities in terms of enrichment, development, and building protected areas for their nuclear capacities. We must increase international cooperation, build an intelligence coalition and create a credible military threat. At the same time, Israel will continue developing and maintaining its capabilities.”

Gantz’s comments come two days after former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, warned Israel Monday not to sell or transfer weapons to Ukraine, comparing such a move to support for World War II-era Nazi collaborators.

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“It looks like Israel is going to provide arms to the regime in Kyiv. A very reckless move. It will destroy diplomatic relations between our countries.”