Israel seals off home of Jerusalem terrorist ahead of demolition

Israeli security forces seal off home of family of the terrorist responsible for Friday’s deadly ramming attack in Jerusalem’s Ramot neighborhood.

By Pesach Benson, TPS

Israeli security forces sealed off the home of Hossein Karake’s family ahead of a possible demolition.

Karake plowed his car into a crowd of Israelis at a bus stop in northern Jerusalem on Friday, killing three, including two brothers ages six and eight. Karake was shot and killed by responding police officers.

Karake’s family lives in the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of A-Tor.

In sealing off the home, police emptied the home of its contents and welded the doors and windows shut. Should the family prevail in its legal appeals, the house will be unsealed. Members of his family were arrested and are being questioned by authorities.

Israel seals off and demolishes the homes of terrorists and their families to deter future attacks. However, Karake lived in a rented apartment that could not be legally razed.

Over the weekend, it emerged that Karake, a 31-year-old Israeli national who lived in eastern Jerusalem, had been released from a psychiatric center the week of the attack.

His Facebook account included posts praising the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group, members of the Lions Den terror group killed in shootouts with Israeli security forces, and glorifying their attacks on Israelis.