Israel tests rocket propulsion system

The testing of a rocket propulsion system was carried out “as planned,” the Ministry of Defense said.

Israel’s Ministry of Defense tested a rocket propulsion system on Monday.

The Ministry of Defense announced that the launch was prescheduled, conducted from a base in the center of the country – presumably the Palmachim base – and carried out “as planned.”

The laconic statement divulged no further details on the nature, scope or success of the test.

The launch was reportedly two-phased, and eyewitnesses say the projectile reignited a short while after takeoff.

Israel has developed a broad array of defensive and offensive projectiles, and the test could have been on a perfected system or on a completely new one.

Israel’s defensive capabilities were successfully put to a real-time test in March when an Arrow interceptor was deployed and subsequently destroyed a Syrian missile fired at Israeli Air Force (IAF) fighters returning from a mission in Syria.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News