Israel: UN Secretary-General must resign

Israeli ambassador to the UN castigates Secretary-General for failing to condemn Hamas massacres, demands he hand in his resignation.

By World Israel News Staff

Israel’s envoy to the United Nations called on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to resign, citing his defense of a UN relief agency found to have extensive ties with Hamas and his failure to unequivocally condemn the attacks of October 7th.

Ambassador Gilad Erdan excoriated Guterres Monday, after the Secretary-General criticized the Security Council for not taking decisive action vis-a-vis the war in Gaza.

Guterres claimed the divide within the Security Council on Gaza and the war in Ukraine had undermined its authority “perhaps fatally.”

The Security Council, he continued, is “unable to act on the most significant peace and security issues of our time.”

“The Council’s lack of unity on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and on Israel’s military operations in Gaza following the horrific terror attacks by Hamas on 7 October, has severely – perhaps fatally – undermined its authority.”

“The Council needs serious reform to its composition and working methods.”

The U.S. last week vetoed the latest Security Council resolution which would have demanded an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, marking the third such veto by the U.S. since the war in Gaza began.

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In response to Guterres’ comments, Erdan accused the Secretary-General of allowing UNRWA, the UN relief agency for Palestinians, to become a de facto terrorist organization.

“The Security Council did fail in dealing with the war in Gaza, but contrary to the Secretary-General’s distorted claim, it failed by not condemning the massacre committed by Hamas and not uniting to support Israel, the attacked party, in our war to eradicate Hamas terrorism and prevent further atrocities,” said Erdan.

“Unfortunately, the Secretary-General sees the flaws in others, but he is blind to his own failings and failures.”

“The Secretary-General, who expressed understanding for the October 7th massacre and devotes his efforts only to the humanitarian situation in Gaza, bears the main responsibility for the fact that the UN agencies that operate under him have become terrorist auxiliaries and some of them, such as UNRWA, has become an actual terrorist organization.”

“Unfortunately for all of us, the Secretary-General sees the UN’s role solely as helping the terror-supporting population in Gaza and does not at all understand the UN’s role in fighting terrorism and preventing the murder of innocents around the world and in Israel. Instead of criticizing others, the UN Secretary-General should draw the right conclusions and resign today.”