Israel, US announce ‘strategic high-level dialogue on technology’ ahead of Biden visit

Israel will be the fourth country, after Great Britain, Australia, and Japan, that has a similar partnership with the U.S. in the fields of AI and quantum.

By Aryeh Savir, TPS

Israel and the U.S. announced on Wednesday the beginning of a strategic partnership in the field of advanced technology that “will put Israel shoulder-to-shoulder with its leading ally, the U.S.,” just hours before U.S. President Joe Biden landed at Ben-Gurion Airport to begin his visit to the region.

Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Biden announced a “Strategic High-Level Dialogue on Technology” that will be established by the countries’ national security advisers and focus on strategic technologies, including, Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum, and solutions to global challenges such as climate change and improving pandemic preparedness.

In the declaration, the leaders expressed their “commitment to deepening bilateral engagements, strengthening mutual innovation ecosystems, advancing critical emerging technologies, finding innovative solutions to global challenges and promoting a shared agenda in the global arena.”

The initial American delegation for advancing the Strategic High-Level Dialogue on Technology is expected to visit Israel in the coming months to discuss joint initiatives on the issues at hand.

The goal of the joint declaration is “to express the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel, anchor the partnership between the two countries, and position Israel alongside its leading ally the U.S. in the field of technology, which tops the international agenda.”

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The joint declaration also affirms the two countries’ commitment to expanding cooperation in additional fields and dealing with technological challenges as a basis for integrating significant forces that will shape the coming decade.

“This joint announcement puts Israel at the forefront of global innovation and solidifies its status as a leading technological power. Our vision for one million people in hi-tech begins with international cooperation that will bring new opportunities for the hi-tech sector in Israel,” Lapid stated.

Work on pandemic preparedness includes exploring cooperative technology R&D ventures, including technology for disease surveillance and early warning, and rapid medical countermeasure responses.

Climate research relates to cooperative R&D ventures and deploying technologies to drive equitable climate solutions such as water reuse, solid waste management, clean and renewable energy.

Israel will be the fourth country, after Great Britain, Australia, and Japan, that has a similar partnership with the U.S. in the fields of AI and quantum.

“This is indicative of Israel’s economic resilience and status as a leading country in the fields of technology and innovation,” Lapid’s office stated.

The 2021 Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) published by Startup Genome in June ranked Tel Aviv as the Middle East and Northern Africa’s (MENA) leading startup ecosystem, and seventh globally

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Israel, dubbed “the Startup Nation,” has more startups per capita than any nation in the world, an outcome of its “tight-knit entrepreneurial community, impressive R&D capabilities, educated population, and strong government support,” the report noted.