‘Israel won’t lose war to please Biden,’ says former IDF General

“I think we can reach victory in a month or two,” said former IDF general Amir Avivi.

By World Israel News Staff

A prominent former Israeli army general said that the Biden administration is essentially demanding that Israel lose the Swords of Iron War, which was triggered by the October 7th terror onslaught, and that the Jewish State must resist American pressure and achieve a decisive victory over the terror group.

Retired Brigadier General Amir Avivi, who serves as the Chairman and Founder of the Israel Defense And Security Forum (IDSF), told Arutz Sheva that Jerusalem must act independently of Washington’s demands, in the best interest of Israel.

“What President Biden is saying is ‘Israelis, lose the war.’ And Israel’s not going to lose the war,” said Avivi.

“We’re going to win decisively. And I think this is the moment where Israel says, ‘We appreciate the relationship, we appreciate the help, the munitions, the 40 billion dollars in aid, but this is something we can not agree to. We need to win decisively.”

He dismissed American intelligence reports which indicated that in more than seven months of fighting, Israel has killed only about one-third of Hamas’ fighters.

“I think we can reach victory in a month or two. We talk about how many were killed; but how many were injured? How many are incapable of fighting? Much more I would guess.”

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Avivi stressed that both international pressure on Israel, as well as domestic unrest within Israeli society, are key features of Hamas’ strategy.

Hamas “needs political turmoil inside Israel, they want to see demonstrations,” he said. He claimed that mass demonstrations urging the government to implement a hostage deal are actually lowering the likelihood that the captives will be released.

As long as Hamas holds captives, there will be intense pressure on the Israeli government, Avivi said. Therefore, the terror group will continue holding them as long as possible, in order to exacerbate internal strife and divisions within Israel.

“The only way to bring Hamas to a point where they really contemplate releasing hostages is the moment where they’re threatened existentially,” he told Arutz Sheva.

“When [Yahya] Sinwar sees the end, then he will say ‘ok.’ Maybe to a ceasefire or to a deal that can enable him to leave for the Sinai Peninsula and give back the hostages. Only military pressure, the Chief of Staff says this, the Minister of Defense says this, the Prime Minister says this, and I think it’s time that Israeli society understands that only military pressure will bring back the hostages.”