Israeli Air Force appoints first female squadron commander

The Israeli military continues its push to promote female commanders, with the IAF appointing its first female squadron commander on Tuesday.

By: TPS and World Israel News Staff

Israeli Air Force Commander Maj Gen. Amikam Norkin appointed the first female commander of an IAF squadron Tuesday when he named Major G. to command Squadron 122, also known as the Nahshon Squadron.

G. (34), who will be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, enlisted in the IAF in 2003, and upon completion of her flight course, served in various squadrons as a transport pilot. She later served in several commander positions in the IAF Flight School and later in Squadron 135. Between 2015 and 2017, she served as Deputy Commander of the Nahshon Squadron, which she will now return to command.

“I am happy for the appointment. It is a great privilege along with great responsibility,” said G, adding “The real work is yet to come. I’m proud to serve in the Air Force.”

The promotion follows the IDF’s appointment of four female soldiers in June to the position of tank commanders after successfully completing a 16-month training program.

The soldiers were promoted after a grueling preparatory course in which they mastered tank operation and shell loading, tasks that require significant physical strength.

Out of the initial 15 female recruits, only four completed the course.

Two weeks ago, a female IDF officer named Or Na’aman was responsible for downing a Syrian fighter jet that violated Israel’s airspace.

Na’aman, who serves as commander of the Patriot Battery of the 138th Battalion,  also oversaw a successful strike that downed a Syrian drone over the Sea of Galilee in July.