Israeli ambassador excoriates Mahmoud Abbas over ‘peaceful resistance’ comments at the UN

‘First he defended Hitler, now he calls vicious terror attacks peaceful resistance,’ says Israeli ambassador to the UN after Palestinian Authority chief delivers General Assembly address.

By World Israel News Staff

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations excoriated Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas Thursday, accusing him of whitewashing Palestinian terrorism.

Earlier on Thursday, Abbas addressed the United Nations General Assembly, vowing that the Palestinian Authority “will continue our peaceful popular resistance” against Israel.

Hours later, Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, released a video statement blasting Abbas for his comments, and comparing them to his recent claims that Adolf Hitler targeted Jews not because of his racial theories, but because Jews allegedly played a negative ‘economic role’ in Germany.

“Mere weeks ago, President Abbas defended Hitler and blamed the Jews for being massacred during the Holocaust,” Erdan said.

“Today, he stood at this podium and called the vicious Palestinian terror attacks ‘peaceful resistance.’ Let me be clear: terror is terror is terror. President Abbas just proved today that he is no partner for peace and that he is totally detached from reality and irrelevant.”

Just days earlier, Erdan told The Jerusalem Post that the aging Palestinian Authority leader has become “irrelevant,” adding that no progress could be made towards peace so long as he remains in power.

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“Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s antisemitic comments this week prove what we’ve been saying for years. The ongoing criticism towards Israel feels misplaced, especially when such sentiment comes from the Palestinian leadership.”