Israeli-American couple attacked at NYC pro-Yemen protest

“Long live Hamas, you piece of s—!” one man yelled, as others tore down posters of Israeli hostages.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

An Israeli-American couple was attacked at a pro-Yemen rally in New York City Friday night, with people grabbing their Israeli flag and trying to set it on fire, The New York Post reported that evening.

Hundreds of protesters came to the Yemeni mission to the United Nations to condemn the Biden administration for attacking Houthi sites in the African country in response to the terrorists’ continued threat to international shipping and attempted missile strikes on both Israel and U.S. naval forces in the region.

The couple, who were walking their dog, saw the crowd, some of whom were waving Palestinian flags and shouting anti-Israel slogans. Instead of doing an about-face, the man told the Post that he ran to his home to get an Israeli flag, and then they deliberately went through the demonstrators.

Their passage did not go unnoticed, as one person screamed, “Long live Hamas, you piece of s—!” The man was pushed hard, someone grabbed their flag, and protestors tried to set it on fire.

The crowd held signs saying “Hands off Yemen,” in which the Iran-backed Houthi terrorist organization controls large swathes from which has fired dozens of Tehran-supplied missiles in a declared attempt to help Hamas in its current war with Israel.

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Their support for both groups, whose open purpose is to destroy Israel, was clear as they chanted, “Gaza called, Yemen answered. All Israeli boats are canceled.”

A large, long poster saying “Free Palestine” was unrolled on the street, and some in the crowd could be seen taking stickers saying “Stand with Israel” off of lamp posts. They also tore down posters of Israeli hostages still being held by Hamas 100 days after the Islamic extremists invaded Gazan envelope communities, massacring 1,200 people and kidnapping some 250.

The demonstrators also loudly slammed U.S. support for Israel, yelling, “Genocide Joe has got to go.”

In describing the incident to the Post, the Israeli-born man said angrily, “Next step, I promise you, the next time they’re going to be supporting ISIS. Because ISIS hates America, therefore, ISIS good. It’s beyond insane what’s going on here.”

Tens of thousands of Yemenis protested across their country Friday against British and American airstrikes against Houthi targets in retaliation for the group’s attacks on Red Sea shipping, which is an international crime. The U.S. also hit other Houthi sites in Yemen on Saturday.