Israeli anti-government protestor tries to attack Economy Minister in Boston

An Israeli anti-reform protester tried to physically attack Economy Minister Nir Barkat in his hotel in Boston, a statement from his office said.

Barkat, who was in the city to meet with the local Jewish leaders, was accosted in the hallways of the hotel by protesters shouting, “Shame.”

A video shows on of them pushing past Barkat’s security guard and heading for Barkat. Another security intervened and pushed him to the floor.

“A short time ago, someone tried to physically attack Minister Nir Barkat during a protest held during his official visit to Boston,” Barkat’s office said in a statement. “Minister Barkat’s security guards pushed him away and prevented him from harming the minister who was not injured. The Boston police arrested the attacker – an Israeli citizen.”

After the incident, Minister Barkat said: “It’s a matter of time before political assassination will occur in Israel. Under the auspices of the protest, there are those who have spilled the blood of elected officials. We are on a slippery and dangerous slope. I thank the security guards of the Personal Security Unit who repelled the attacker and prevented me from being harmed.”